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We were using Moly coated bullets in late 80's/early 90's and we never had a problem, BUT our shooters brought their guns to us to clean the gas systems at least once a week. Of course, they fired 120 to over 200 rounds each day of practice.

We did not "allow" our shooters to clean their gas systems as only we had the Torque Wrenches to torque them back on properly after cleaning. There was a sort of standard Joke about that between the shooters and Armorers on The Big Team in the 70's. Every so often a shooter would come up to get his gas system cleaned and he would say, "How about checking the oil and cleaning the bore and chamber while you are at it?" Our standard reply was, "We don't TRUST you not to screw up the gas systems, but you clean your own GD bore and chamber!" It was all good nature fun, though.
What is the suggested torque for the M1A gas plug ?

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