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Army Qualification Test

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Has any of you shot the AQT from Fred's ( http://www.fredsm14stocks.com/rifle.asp?ITEM=1 ) ? It consist of 4 stages, 50 rounds and is fired at 25 meters. I've had the package for about six months and never got around to shooting it. I just returned from the range and all I can say is I need a lot of practice :oops: . Out of a 250 possible I shot 186. Besides the 2 misses on the 400 Yard stage 4, my problem seems to be my gut :? . It's in the way on the sitting stage of the shoot :oops: .

So I'm making this vow here and now "I will stick to the diet the wife has me on and I will practice until I can shoot Expert" :wink: . Guess I'd better order some more targets from Fred's??

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MsgtMaze said:
my problem seems to be my gut
Oh Boy! 8O

I'm "definately" in trouble in this area ... :wink:

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