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Like I was telling Digeorge I got me a perban armscorp m14 it is nm the people at armscorp told me it has a douglas barrel but all I can find on the barrel is short chamber 308 10 90. Can anyone tell me anything about this marking. the gun is a fine shooter the sights are nm all h&r usgi parts fine walnut :D usgi markings on the stock I got it off a good friend for $900 it was new when I got it my first big gun the little black gun don't see to much light this days now. :cry:
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Howdy bonehead-fred,

The barrel is a Douglas match grade made in Oct. 1990
Those barrels are always short chambered so they can be headspaced to the bolt.No need to worry though,it's a good thing. :wink:

warbird out

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Aloha Fred:

Welcome Aboard!!! Glad you made it!

What an Armscorp for $900? 8O Wow!!! I have an Armscorp with a heavy Douglas barrel setup. It has similar markings...

Looks like you had a good deal!

Aloha, Best Wishes and Welcome Aboard!

Tom O.
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