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Armscorp Receivers ... Anybody Know ???

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Are these of cast or forged ... :?

Six Out!
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sixty harley mac:
hareley, i have to concurr with mac.
jack friese the owner of armscorp never built a forged reciever.
he had plans to do it until he weighed the cost of investment casting versis forging for the startup.
jack is a very close friend and we hang out together at the middletown gunshow.
its usually a very fun day with jack he is a real good guy and honest.
he sells only top notch stuff and its all gi issue no chinese junk from jack. his receivers are far better than sprungfield although they recieved some bad press from some unknowledgeable big mouths on some of these web sites.
if you have a problem with anything from jack he will more than make up for it and when the problem is fixed its fixed right. also his guns have consistantly shot in the high side in competition and have beat out springfield in the accuracy dept.
and yes its true he was first to lug his recievers. jeff
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