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Armscorp Receiver

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Anyone got a pic of the heel of the Armscorp receiver? Just curious as to how they are stamped. Although I have become an LRBfanatic, I am also considering getting an Armscorp due to the price.
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Thanks Coulter6. Does it say "NM" after the M14? The windage marks look nice and deep.
Thanks for posting the pic.
I didn't have one so you helped out alot. :wink:

snayper-just got back from the range with my Armscorp receivered rifle and am very pleased how it performs,I have a chrome-lined H/R barrel,TRW bolt,and other g.i. parts,and it shoots like a dream !have a camoed Synth. stock. My next build will be an LRB receiver.I LOVE THESE RIFLES !!! Cap'n Bill :lol:
Thanks cap'n Bill :D !!

Yes, I know what you mean about these M14s. I thought I was hooked on FALs and L1A1s, but after getting my first Springfield M1A, then came the first LRB project. Now I am gathering parts for two more LRB projects (for this year) but sure would like to get an Armscorp for variation and to round out the collection. With USGI parts prices going up, and becoming harder to get, I figured I would get what I can for the future, while I still can.
Armsco Receiver

Snayper, you're absolutely correct ! And that is what I have been slowly doing for the past year at least,collecting parts as I can,where I can,as money allows. Have done well at various gun shows by asking for parts,even when no parts were on tables,been suprised often what some folks have "under their table" at shows.Sounds like you have a good plan,Snayper and hope you are successful. Cap'n Bill
Snayper I have a armscrop built nm m14 great gun it will hit anything I can see. There receveirs are a good deal to shotgun news has them for 379.00. Hope everthing come's together for you with your plan's you might want to watch the price of receveir's they could go up as well. Fred
The heal of my Armscorp looks exacly like coulter6's photo. I love my Armscorp. I put it together in the early 90's and it's still a tack driver. I wish I was as good with a computer as a M14, I still can't post a photo :oops: . She looks sweet on SixTgunners desert cammo stock. I just got an A.R.M.S. #18 mout for it. My daughter got me one for Christmas :D . I can't find a tork wrench that goes down under 120 inch pounds though. I have a lead on someone that has one. Should have her mounted and a range report by next week.
Sears has onr that goes down to 25in/lbs.
I checked Sears, they didn't have one in the store or in the catalog. All they had was the 3/8's drive that started at 120 inch pounds. I guess Bob Villa ain't made it to FL. yet. I have the Flu real bad know but will find one soon. Heck, transmission bolts are only about 15 inch pounds or y0ou squash the gasket out. someone down here has one or sells em.
here is a link to a torque wrench at sears that goes down to 25 inch pounds. i've got one. it works fine.
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