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arms 18 split mount issue, never seen this

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I just got an early #18 mount with the split non-continuous rail.

I have tried attaching an Aimpoint 30mm low mount, type seen here: http://www.opticsplanet.net/aimpoint-sr-30-mm-x-wide-rings.html

as well as an arms #19 low dual mount.

On both the recoil bar of the detachable mount would not fit in between the grooves on the rail of the old #18 mount.

Is it possible that the #18 mount is out of spec in this area? I had a full rail mount, the more recent production style and no issues. So I'm curious if this is a mount issue, or if the old split mounts were made this way and only accept certain rings from back in the day.

Any help is appreciated.
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A nice chap on snipers hide pointed out the early split rail arms 18 predates the picatinny rail system, so it has weaver rail dimensions. So my mount is completely correct, and I learned a little something I never knew.
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