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arms 18 question

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I was wondering if anyone knows if the front allen screw used to lock the pressure pad in place ( the one sticking out over the handguard) is the same on both the old style and new style. I am pretty sure it's a 6-40 thread for the old style. Please correct me if I'm wrong! I was just working on something and need to know if they are the same. Thanks.
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They are the same...

in addition:

I replace my front screw with another screw that instead of having an enlarged head, has one the same diameter as the screw itself and fits flush into the hole. Looks better and has no way of impacting the handguard. Remember that if you are going to do that to take the screw to the hardware store WITH YOU (and buy a spare)

That's what I was doing was ordering setscrews for them that fit flush. If anyone needs one go to my website. They will be there in a couple days. I am about tired of removing that screw to take the handguard off.
A 6-40 (fine thread) 3/16" set screw fits the new style perfectly!

Cool! that was the size that I got. It fits my old style perfect too.
Yip 6-40 , and only 50 cent at the hardware store. :D
Mr.Sparkle said:
A 6-40 (fine thread) 3/16" set screw fits the new style perfectly!

If anyone is having problems finding this set screw that goes all the way in, let me know and I will send you one for free. The industrial hardware store I went to had a five dollar minimum, so ended up with more than I needed.
Sounds like you have it figured out.

Just FYI, the set screw on the flashhider for the castle nut is the same thread/ size. I found out the hard way when I had to cut off a flashhider someone had loctited onto the barrel of an M1A I baught.
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