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Interested in M14E2/A1 parts, hardware, sling, etc. Original GI or good repros are fine. Need a buttplate flapper, pin and attaching hardware to finish a bare stock.

A Used up (cheap) real GI M14 barrel to use as a jig for unitizing front band/gas cylinders.

Original M21 stuff - stocks, ART scopes, parts and manuals (both ART I and II stuff). Need an ART II stripper clip guide. Anything to do with the M48 Spotting Scope - seeking an original WWII manual.

Always looking for any and all US Ordnance tools and gages, manuals - 1903 Springfield to M16. Particular Wants: M14 Armorer's wood box with/wo tools, Field test bolts for all, GI headspace gages, M1 Carbine sight and gas cyl. tools.

Thanks, keep me in mind. CC

P.A.C.T. MK IV Shooting Timer Instruction Manual
1 - 3 of 3 Posts