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If you think we're being too P.C. for ya... Sorry about that - but that's just the way it is here on the Firing Line... GI7

If you want to discuss "doom, gloom and the end of the world", there's plenty of places to do it. It's a big Internet where people can find whatever they wish to talk about... But Not Here!!! :ARM34:

Let's get real clear about what we are all about here on the Firing Line.

In the first place - we're not a bunch of prudes... but we do have values and standards of conduct about how we do things on OUR forum.

We are family-oriented and absolutely committed to the safe and legal enjoyment of our sport. We don't allow trash-talk, suggestions of or outright encouragement of illegal activities. We don't condone or permit discussion of breaking the law, shooting people or engaging in ANY activities that might lead to any of that stuff. DI4

If that's what YOU want to do - please feel free to exercise that need elsewhere and come back here and join your friends in talking about what WE want to talk about... our M14s and other legal firearms used in legitimate shooting sports.

On that same note, we're not too fond of letting people start and continue arguments about politics and religion. Yep, Second Amendment issues ARE important to us, but posting inflammatory and argumentative opinions about why you are right and everyone who doesn't agree with you is wrong, is not only against our ROE's and Code of Conduct... it's self-defeating.

We'd appreciate it if you are absolutely compelled to talk about these things (not merely informing people of things and legislation that might have an impact on our shooting sports) - find one of those "other" places that cater to that type of discussion. In other words, Please don't do it here on the FL.

On the FL, we are all about our beloved M14s and other battle rifles. We enjoy learning about them, helping others out when we can and sharing good times (and sometimes bad times - to help others not make the same mistake we did...GI8 GI7 ). We like talking about our rifles, handguns and shotguns... We like talking about accessories, ammo and places where we can go shooting in a safe, sane manner.

If we need to discuss emergency preparedness, we'll talk about helping ourselves, our families and our neighbors get through rough times like hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and other emergencies... We're NOT gonna tolerate any discussions of shooting LEOs, citizens or para-military operations against our own people or anything like that.DI4

NOW - if that's P.C., then so be it... That's just the way things are here on OUR forum. GI7

Our R.O. Hawk, the owner of this board, the admin and staff, and most of our members on the Firing Line have made this our mission, our goal and our job since the Firing Line was first created - and we're not about to change things now or any time soon.

I'm willing to bet a whole nickle that the majority of our members like it that way.USA2


p.s. This isn't a discussion or debate - it's just a statement about the way things are... :ARM34:
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