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First is a bunch of parts: adj butt stock-Brownells, 2 reciever end plates- 1 new 1 used, 2 standard grips- unknown manf, 1 Bravo Company grip, Hammer and trigger with springs and pins- DPMS lightly used, 3 trigger guards- 2 metal 1 plastic, rock river star safety, 1 mag button, 2 sets hammer trigger pins 1-.154 1-.155, DPMS 5.56 flash hider, DPMS .308 flash hider. $55 SPF

Second is a CSM single point Sling and 2 cross tack single point adaptor end plates. All are used, but not abused, asking $40.00

39 pieces of 45/70 brass, 20 Remington and 19 Federal. A mix of once and twice fired. The reload was 300gr bullet at 1700fps, pretty mild. Asking $25.00 shipped.

One OTIS Mil Issue 5.56 rifle and 7.62 Sniper cleaning kit. NIW $45.00

One Tyr Tactical Sling Ding in Coyote. NIW. $15.00

Lots of glasses. I wear prescription shooting glasses now.
ESS Ice 2 glasses kit. one frame, clear and smoke lenses. never worn. $35.00

New Oakley Flak Jacket lenses and two ballistic cases $30.00

ESS Cross Bow set. 2 frames, clear, grey, copper lenses and case. A few scratches on grey and copper lenses. Still very uasable. $35.00

Oakley M-frames 1 frame, grey, clear and persimon lenses. Lenses do have some scratches but still good. $40.00

If you want more than one item take $5.00 off the total for each additional. 2items = $5 off, 3 items = $10 off. Payment by Paypal, as a gift, USPS money order, or personal check. All shipping will be USPS. Post an I'll Take it with the items and then a PM.
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