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Do any of you guys have a 9mm AR? If so, would some one be so kind as to take a photo graph of the barrel extension if possible? Hopefully one not assembled yet as that would be an easier request. I've looked all around at arfcom, but have not found any such photos yet.

If no photo available, does anyone know if the extension is a separate part like on a 5.56, or is it a machined portion of the barrel?

I'm building up a 9mm and think the barrel I have may need some machining work (not sure till I can see what one looks like) at the chamber end.

I'll post a picture link later on today so you can see what I'm talking about. Thanks much!

Here are two photos to show what I have:

http://www.analogbros.com/private/Fire Arms/9MM-AR/9mm-AR-barrel-2.JPG

http://www.analogbros.com/private/Fire Arms/9MM-AR/9mm-AR-barrel-1.JPG

Regards, Jim
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