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Ar-15 LEO marked mags...who has them?

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I'm looking for new LEO marked, 30 rd mags. Who has the best prices? Links would be great. Thanks
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quote="Jefferson F. Davis"]http://www.amerisurp.net/ (not updated)

New in Box, Okay & Center, Green Followers, Silicon Springs $11 each for 5 or more, is what their AD in the Shotgun New said.

Let us know IF they have any left.
Looking for good mags check brownells, cdnn,tapco and sarco.
I have had good luck with all these outfits.Good product lines, when you call ask questions they will give you honest answers.
I bought a few off a guy on gunbroker for about 13 dollars each shipped. Thanks for the links.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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