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Anybody in California with a laminate or painted synthetic?

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Since discovering this board I've been exploring all my new options for a new stocks. I have a strong opinion on what I will get, but would like to see some of these types of stocks in person before making the final decision.

I'll be in California on Christmas leave from around the 20th until New Years. I'll be all over the state, from the Bay Area, to Bakersfield, to Barstow, and LA, visiting family and friends. If somebody has a wood laminate or a painted synthetic M1A they wouldn't mind showing me, I would really appreciate it. Right now I'm deciding between a nutmeg type laminate or a custom painted GI synthetic stock, but I'm concerned about how the paint will look and the general feel of a synthetic.

Otherwise, I'll be back in North Carolina after New Years if anybody is out this way with such a setup. If you know of a gun store that stocks these, that would work too.

Just PM me if you have the time. Thanks, and happy holidays.
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shoot me a PM, I have a painted synthetic.
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