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Anybody got a Glock 37 yet?

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I just wonder how the gun shoots and accuracy of the 45GAP against the

45ACP? (Too bad it wasn't an ACP, like it should have been )..... :lol:

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Glock 37

The glock model 37 chambered in glocks new .45 GAP (glock auto pistol) cartidge is as expected a complete dud, it has a slide the same as the G21 and a frame basically the same as the G17/22 etc,
the bullets are 185/200 gr.
the latest is they can't move them so they keep reducing the price,
instead of trying to re-invent the wheel glock should have done what most .45 fans were anxiously awaiting, a single stack fullsize slimline pistol in .45acp which would compliment the great little g36,
what a dissappointment when this foolhardy venture materialized,
oh well we can only hope that glock will cut his losses and abandone this stupid stunt and give us americans our beloved .45acp !!
Nope, I am still waiting for at 10 rd slim-lined Glock in .45. I'm not holding my breath though as Springfield Armory is rumored to be coming out with an XD in .45 at the 2004 shot show. If it shoots and feels like my XD 9, then I'll forget about glock all together as I like my XD 9 better than my G19.
Hi Shark, That's what I heard too from a very reliable source but, I hope
they don't make it as thick as the Glock21. On the other hand I can live
with that too............ :wink:

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