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I have never seen any like that before.

These are just my thoughts -

I don't think it's a USGI manufacture. The corners on USGI M14 extractors are pretty much sharper cut, the case head rim slot cutout behind the claw is also rough looking on this one, on all of my NOS USGI extractors the cut is sharp and very smooth, the plunger detent also seems rough and on most, but not all of the USGI pieces I have you can see some machining marks in it and the cut is sharper and surface inside smoother. Some of the contours also do not look like USGI pieces I have, just minutely different in a couple areas.
The only "O" marked M14 part I know of is on the bottom side of bolt stops, and those are H & Rs and it looks a little different. I don't believe it is USGI, SAI, or Fulton, that could be a help to it's identity.
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