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Any Springfield pros here? Need help ID'ing my 1911

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I think it's a sweet piece. I picked it up a few years ago for about 3 bills but the guy couldn't tell me much about it. I just know a nice .45 when I hold it. It reminded me of my fathers .45 from when he was in the service. I shot his as a kid. Anyway, the serial number is NM1265XX. The receiver left side markings are Model 1911-A1 CAL .45 and right side is a cartouche I believe that says Springfield Armory 1974 with what looks like a snake at the bottom and two baseball bats (!) crossed with flames on top, then SPRINGFIELD ARMORY. It also has the Springfield addy less street information in Geneseo and an "S" on the triggerguard.

Was this made in 74? Or is that when the national armory was turned into SA, Inc.?

Any help would be sweet. Nice wood grips.. The only thing the guy at the shop said was "I knew that wouldn't last long. I put it out two hours ago." Did I get a decent price? I feel good about it, maybe that is all that counts. Groups nice, wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of it. Thanx a lot!