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Any manufactures of 18" med-hvy chrome lined barrels?

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Anyone know of any 18" med-hvy or hvy chrome lined barrels?

I know Criterion makes a standard weight chrome, (brand not available to public?)

Kreiger and Douglas make med/hvy match barrels.

What am I missing?
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I don't think such creatures are made. If you're just looking for more weight, get a short barrel and glue lead into the stock.

Chrome-lining would kind of defeat the purpose of having a heavy profile barrel. It's not economically feasible to apply chrome uniformly enough to qualify as a match grade barrel.

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The only crome lined barrels in know about are G.I Issues barrels.These barrels are hard to find.I think the only Manuf. making crome lined barrels is Sarco (S.A.K.) in Lowell MA. (They do contract work for Uncle Sam )

Like the other guys said.I do not think 18 inch crome line barrels are made.

For short barrel I would check with Springfiels Armory. ( Or find out were they buy them from. )

If you buy a used GI standard length check it with a breech bore gage.I would buy a barrel that reads 3 or under.

Some of the used G.I. Barrels have be refinished .So check them carefully.

Hope this helps .

Regards , Mike
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