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Any HK 91 clone builders here

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I have my parts kit, but much more goes into this receiver choice than I anticipated, as in purchasing a receiver flats and contact some one knowledgeable on bending and Tig welding or buy a welded up receiver then contact some one to complete the internals inside...I'm lost...Oh I already know it's cheaper to buy a new PTR or Cetme. I have that, I want an Ol school clone....any help is much appreciated.. thanks in advance..
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Ahhhh...errrrr.... hummmmm. the HK 91 receiver is quite complex requiring a Jig, welding gear, measuring equipment, prints, and flats made to specifications. Its not a fold and weld deal...thats the Grease gun. Greek or Pork-and- cheese flats are the only ones I know of that are good...although I've heard the Turkish meet specs...but thats hear say.
Howard these are the "flats" he's referring to . No they're not flat that's just the terminology,
and your correct that such a "flat" would be hard to recreate those at home

View attachment 72519 View attachment 72520

View attachment 72521 a completed receiver

View attachment 72522 a bending die kit to bend the "flats" into their final shape

I've built FALs , but I've never built a 91 although I have looked into "building" a receiver,
I'd have to do a lot more research before I'd attempt it , welding it up would be the least of my worries. that's easy .
Getting the "flat" bent in the proper way [the 1st time] to function correctly is what I'd be worried about.
All those dies look like a PITA
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