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Any HK 91 clone builders here

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I have my parts kit, but much more goes into this receiver choice than I anticipated, as in purchasing a receiver flats and contact some one knowledgeable on bending and Tig welding or buy a welded up receiver then contact some one to complete the internals inside...I'm lost...Oh I already know it's cheaper to buy a new PTR or Cetme. I have that, I want an Ol school clone....any help is much appreciated.. thanks in advance..
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I am acquiring the tools to bend my own flat and build a hk rifle. They are cheaper to build. Mags are cheap.

Look around online there are plenty of guys with tutorials on how to bend the flat. I found a flat at a gunshow that I bought for 30 bucks. It's going to be my learning flat. I am going to try to do it without a flat bending jig.

Believe me if I could bend a flat and build an affordable m1a/m14 I would do that in a heart beat. Can't so I will try a hk parts kit.
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