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Any Glock 17 trouble shooters out here ?????

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Purchased new/used (referb'd ,police trade in ?) I have 500 rds . through .
I installed a 3.5 lb. connector , remainder of parts are stock .
It is "doubling" and some times "tripling" with each pull of the trigger .
I have not had a chance to retest with the stock connector.It was fine before. 8)
Although kinda fun with the 33 round mag :D , at least after I figured out what the heck was happening ! The first pair was exciting ! 8O , any ideas ?
Do I need an extra power trigger spring ? (N.Y. 8 #'er) ?
I changed out , not because of weight of pull , but that jerky let off of the sear . Just want a smooth pull and break .Too much to ask for ?????
I was thinking about Lone Wolf dist . for parts orders , anyone have experiances with them ? Good or bad .
Thanks in advance for replies .............. :D :D
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I thought Glock Armorer would answer your post, but I found out today he's got computer problems. If you haven't got it figured out he should be back on line by Monday.
Thanks MsgtMaze ,
Thats what I was hopeing for , I have the time . Its still a little cold here for a range trip and I can only get out on week ends anyway .
With this posted on both sides of the street I am sure I'll have a lot to ponder . Thanks .
Hi plink
Try out the old connector first and then, if it doesn't double up on you, buy
another connector it could be bad one.

Welcome back! :D
Hi MsgtMaze

Got my computer up and running...................again....... :lol:

Thanks ...............
I'll give it a shot ................ or two ! :wink:
Computers are great . WHEN THEY WORK !
Hi plink

Make sure that the trigger spring is in an "S" configuration when you install the trigger assembly back.

Hi Glock Armorer ,
Will do , already switched back to original connector . I'll probably test on Saturday . Thanks for the follow up .
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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