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Another Tiger in the USA!

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Taz asked me to post these pics of his "tiger striped" stock for him. When I saw the pics, I thought "Holy Cow"!!! That is Gorgeous!!! So, I quickly put these pics up so that I could make this post!

I hope Taz comes by soon to tell us more about how he got this stock, and if he refinished it, how he did it... etc. Now, this will be a GREAT "stock" report to hear!

Aloha and Best Wishes,

Tom O.
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As I said earlier, it sure is a nice stock. If in the future you ever want to try redoing one yourself (or anyone else, for that matter), I'd be happy to help you out. I've done quite a few various stocks and it's really not that hard. Right now I've got a LRB rifle that I built myself sitting in a birch tiger that I redid myself. It gives you a sense of self-satisfaction when you look at it. Take care and have a great Thanksgiving.

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