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Another new recruit checking in

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Hello from another FNG. I have been able to learn quite a bit of information on my new SA M1A by reading and searching on this site. I look forward to learning more about my latest aquisition. It definately is rounding out the old gun safe and is quickly becoming my favorite!
BTW- I'm returning a favor-looks like the Sportsmans Guide Hirt deal is on again for 1000 rd cases.

Edit: Well it WAS listed but seems to be gone again! :cry: Maybe someone playing with the site?
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Greetings Tommygun

You'll like it here, its almost like come'n home.


PS dont be a stranger.
Hi Tommygun

From one FNG to another welcome. Like you I decided to sign on to learn more about the M1A, I just finished a FA project. This is a great forum with fantastic people more than willing to help out with any problems you encounter. If they can't fix it no one can.

Didn't see the Hirt deal but will keep an eye out :wink:

Aloha TommyGun!

Geez, I like that name! :lol: Welcome Aboard!

I can only echo the other guys and say that I think this is really swell place to be... So have at it!!! And have fun!


Tom O.
It's nice to be onboard now. So far as the Hirt deal, it was listing for the full crate price only. You might keep an eye on it. I did take the liberty of ordering another crate earlier today for myself (oink oink!)
Hey TG:

You can never be too much of an "oinker" when it comes to ammo! :lol: If I could, I would get as much as my pocketbook allowed!


Tom O.
Welcome aboard, Tommygun. Lookin forward to hearin your range reports. Be sure to let us know how it's shootin'......
Welcome Tommygun lots good people here you will learn alot fast I did and spend alot of money and time at the range. Man took a few days away from the broad looks like someone gave it a new paint job was that you six or hawk maybe Quig who cares looks good 8) Fred
welcome aboard!

Tommygun, welcome alot of very good people here. kinda like the old gun and knife forums from so long ago.. Tim
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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