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And it begins...

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Well, Ive been debating for a while now whether I should start a build or not. And after finding a good deal on a H&R trigger group I decided that was enough reason to start. The next step is to find a USGI bolt and op rod at a decent price. I'll be browsing gunbroker and the PX alot in the next few weeks GI1

Im going to try and build this with all USGI parts, except for the receiver and barrel. Ill most likely go with the LRB M25 receiver so I dont have to worry about a scope mount, but I can still switch to irons if I want to later on. Once I have the receiver and everything done then I'm going to find a nice piece of walnut to put on there.

Any advice for a first time M1A build? Also I know 7.62mm Firearms has a great reputation but how are their bolts and op rods compared to USGI parts?

I will try and keep this thread updated as I get parts and eventually have pics of the build. Thanks to everyone here, this site has a wealth of knowledge that has helped me get to this point and decide what I want from this build.