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An Idea for a Harris mount

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I had this idea to mount the Harris bipod that would still allow the use of the weep hole and I won't have to drill any extra holes. I haven't heard of anyone else using this approach, so I thought I'd throw the ideo out to everyone just in case there is a REASON nobody does this.

I took an extra front sling swivel I had and cut off the loop and swivel using a roto-tool so all I have left is a flat piece of metal with 2 holes in it. Then I just replaced one of the hex screws that came with the swivel kit with a QD stud and use the nuts and washers that came with the swivel kit to secure it to the stock. Lucky for me the QD stud had the same threads as the hex screws did.

I figured this would be a good way to install it becouse the finished product looks similar to the original swivel when an Uncle Mikes swivel is attached to the stud. You can even switch the stud and the hex screw if you wanted the stud in the other hole. Becouse there is now modification to the stock, I can even replace the whole thing with an unmodified original swivel If I need to. The only thing I'd have to consider is if I have the stock bedded is to make sure the nuts are orientated in the right way so the QD stud locks down in the right direction no matter which hole I choose.

What does anybody think? This idea kind of simple so Im sure others have done it before. I'd send some pics, but I sent the modified swivel plate off to Dans's shooting supply to be reparked.
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