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Amrscorp rec. threads

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Came over from BR.com to visit.
Have a deilemma. Hope someone can enlight me on the subject.
Was going to install a Citadel ss bbl in a new Armscorp rec. Bbl would not go more the one turn hand tightening.
Tryed a Brownell's Barnatt (sp) bbl and it spins right up tight.
Now for the good part. Tryed Barnatt bbl in new SAinc rec and its loose as a goose and wobbles. But Citadel bbl fits fine..
Question : what kind of threads does Armscorp use. Do they make their rec. with more then one type thread. Also same question for SAinc rec..I will be standing by.
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Sorry, it posts twice.

Had trouble with user ID and did a double post-sorry.
Not a problem skypilot and "welcome abaord" ... :wink:

Sounds to me like there are different thread sizes on these things. I am sure that someone here may be able to help you out on this as offhand I do not have an answer for ya but would be glad to help you if I could.

Might wish to try Bill Ricca with a PM or post in his Knowledge Forum as he has helped out many here ...

Good luck ... :wink:

Thanks, 6tgunr
Left same post on Bill's place. Gota find out about this. Can waste alot bucks if these threads are different between brands and more then one type for each brand. Hey, I am see I'm an FNG....again, really was one in 69

MACV-SOG-CCC Kontum 70/71
LRRP ... ???

5TH SF ... ???

I spoke with member dighawaii and he is going to also look in his books to see what he can come up wuth here for you.

I'm thinking that maybe these different builders thread their receivers differently but then thats just a guess ...

"Welcome Home Brother" ... :wink:

There aren't any different thread sizes in them just different manufacturing tolerances or you could have a friday at 6 oclock built receiver or barrel that missed the qa man. All m-14 barrels should screw into all m-14 type receivers. Some may have to be tweeked but if it were built anything like milspec it wouldn't. I have had to adjust shoulders before to get them to torque up right but never run into a problem like you describe. american made barrels even screw right into the chicoms. Although I have heard they have a different type of thread before I never really bothered to look when they screwed in so nice.
Aloha SkyPilot:

I think Dan is right... at least for the parts that you have. How does the Citadel SS barrel fit in a SA receiver? Just curious.

This is an excerpt from the Kuhnhausen book.

The full page scanned is here Barrel Thread Image

I hope this helps some...

Aloha, Best Wishes and Welcome Aboard!

Tom O.
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Did you measure the outside diameter of the shank on the threads???
Check this first to find out which barrel is correct.
The heat treating could change receiver demenions so this might be the difference in the 2.

Also,are you sure you have a citadel barrel?? I believe they have been out of business for 7-8 years now.

warbird out
I just checked a douglas against an H&R and they were identical. I know this doesn't help you much but I was thinking is the one you want to screw in the tight one. I usualy use a good dose of this stuff called moly gn assembly paste on the barrel threads. It really lets you crank on them hard to get the final amount you need for indexing. It has never come loose on me either. I bet It would help yours some. If not then you may have to look for a burr on the threads. They can be removed by hand with a really small jelwelers file. I just can't think of a good reason why that one is loose though. I have run into that on wartime built k-98's With the barrel slopping around a bit but they torqued up nice.
Gee thanks guys-Dighawii, Warbird & M14Dan
All of your input is needed and appreciated.

As stated: the Citadel bbl has a wider top thread then the one from Brownells when viewed closely. Brownell bbl threads in Armscorp nice. Citadel would not go more thGee thanks guys-Dighawii, Warbird & M14Dan
All oen one turn by hand dry. Smith won't torgue it as he says shouldn't be like that. (I would use army avaition: tighten till it smokes and squeals and hit it with a rock)If that was all there was to this. I'd say fine, the Citadel is the culprit. Just happens there is a new SAinc reciever in shop. Citadel bbl threads up nice it. But Brownell bbl is dangerously loose going in. But bottoms out solid.
Am in the market for another bbl. Yea Citadel has been around, but in nice condition.
What I learned from you guys is there was only one thread used on the M1A/M14. Which is more then I knew before I asked.
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