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Amrscorp and SAinc reciever threads

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Guy on the firing line suggested I give this on to you. Thanks for your.
Came over from BR.com to visit.
Have a deilemma. Hope someone can enlight me on the subject.
Was going to install a Citadel ss bbl in a new Armscorp rec. Bbl would not go more the one turn hand tightening.
Tryed a Brownell's Barnatt (sp) bbl and it spins right up tight.
Now for the good part. Tryed Barnatt bbl in new SAinc rec and its loose as a goose and wobbles. But Citadel bbl fits fine..
Question : what kind of threads does Armscorp use. Do they make their rec. with more then one type thread. Also same question for SAinc rec..I will be standing by.
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Sorry Skypilot but I do not get involved in commercial items of any kind. My knowledge base is on items of Ordnance Dept issue. Maybe somebody else can answer that question.
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