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Ammo selection.

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Hey guys and gals,

This is my first post here so no tomato throwing at the FNG, ok?

I just ordered a HK USP Full Size .45 ACP. Im new to pistols and was wondering what brands of ammunition are best for this sweetheart.
Im planning to buy in bulk as i do for my other firearms. Are there any equivilant steals for the .45 ACP like surplus Aussie 7.62? its mostly going to see range shooting and will fill a role in home defense as well.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi again, Ted. Ya just have to love those .45 ACPs. :D

The most accurate ammo for my .45s is 230 gr. ball. My IAI Commander just loves this stuff. I normally use UMC 230 gr ball when I can get it and I also use PMC, but it's a little dirtier to shoot. No accuracy issues with either one.

Jump on over to the Ammo Bunker and check out some of the posts there also. Here's a pretty good list of suppliers AMMO link page by sv_sniper

I usually try to buy my revolver and pistol ammo locally because I like to support my friends in the business, so maybe somebody else can jump in with some internet suppliers that have good prices.

Lots of info on self defense rounds in this link Which round do you prefer in Self Defense ?

My personal favorite is the 230 gr Speer Gold Dot. Very accurate, not as much recoil or muzzle flash as some of the others and they are absolutely dead reliable. All three of my .45 ACPs shoot this ammo more accurately than I can. :mrgreen:

Here's a pic of what one looks like when it comes out of my ballistics tank (they ALL look like this - expansion is uniform and the core does not separate from the jacket.)


There is a bunch of very good ammo out there - but this is my favorite, along with a whole bunch of my LEO friends.

BTW - my other bias is that I believe in using big bullets. Even though they don't zip around as fast as some of the light-weight rounds - when they get there everything has a tendency to stop, quit or run the other way. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Anyway, hope this helps a little.

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