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Ammo FPS limitations and concerns - range kaboom

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I was at the range and watched a guy blow up his HK91 a few benches over from me at the range he was using high velocity 175 grain Ammo. Kabooom!

I notice that the American eagle ammo is a 168 at 2,650 FPS and a hard primer.

The Springfield manual says to use nato spec Ammo.

I’d like to know if it’s safe to use Ammo like this 168 Australian Ammo that’s rated 2,780 FPS or do you risk damaging the op rod etc? (Not too concerned about slam fires with softer primers)


There’s a video of a guy shooting it in 3 different AR10s, not sure if ar10s have the same limitations as a m1a or not.

I have no interest in shooting 145-150 m80ball type Ammo.
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What if you get the sadlak op rod or an after market op rod?

Can you use that Ammo in a AR10?
It wasn’t a squib, I was sitting a couple benches over and we were the only ones at the range.

The case exploded and the shrapnel flew everywhere. The case rim was all that was left. There was brass stuck up inside the chamber and the bolt locked.

He had a box of this https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1001644895

180gr hunting Ammo and he had a box of something else that was also federal store bought. I remember it being more high velocity though like 2,800.

He sounded like he was new to shooting. He had the hk91 and then a 308 bolt gun.
Look on imr website there is plenty of loads in the high 2700 and some and in the 2800s
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