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alternative stocks

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hi , new here to the forum.
looking to buy a new stock for my loaded...that fiberglass crinkle pos just isnt cutting it so i was wondering if there is anything similar to the mcmillan stock, believe it is the ma3. looking for something w/ adjustable cheek piece as well. the best price i see online for this stock is 590!!! 8O will the other mcmillan stocks such as the a5 be molded to work w/ the m14 reciever/action? guess these are general questions. anyone know if the m25 white feather stock can be bought seprate...?
thanks guys,
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Aloha Roby:

Welcome Aboard!!! I think there are alternatives but I am not sure if they would be appropriate for your needs. But one thing for certain, almost any stock replacing the black krinkle should be an improvement.

Much would depend on what or how you plan on using this rifle after getting it restocked. If it's a match shooter you want, then McMillan is a GREAT way to go, as a McMillan Match substitute, you might consider a wood "heavy" that works extremely well but may have some of the problems associated with wood (swelling, etc.).

If a rifle to take hunting, any of the wood or synthetic USGI stocks should work well.

If you want custom camo synthetic stocks, you might consider Hawk and Law483 for custom tactical type stocks and Whamo Camo for your hand painted camo... I own many of the WhamoCamo stocks and love them...

Another alternative is custom painted stocks by Skwid... his designs give a stock a look that must be seen to believe.

One last alternative is to build your own... I know I say this so casually and it does take a lot of hard work but it is an alternative. This is what I built recently...

I think you can say there are a lot of alternatives out there!!! It all depends on what you want! This forum is a GREAT way to discover new things associated with the M14 type rifle!!!

Again, Welcome Aboard!

Aloha and Happy New Year!

Tom O.
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I can build you a custom stock for a very reasonable price. Please visit LAW483 Project Stocks for more info. I can do more than what is listed on my page. Sparrow Hawk's Page is also worth a visit. He is good people and builds some excellent products.


Thanks for the reference.

Take Care,

[email protected]
You might try stripping the crinkle (citris stripper works;She's not the one from Fla.) and try the Aluma Hyde flat black(Brownells). Add some Marine Tex to tighten it up.
Better than discarding it.
Oh yeah, members have also reinforced the forearm area with fiberglass to stiffen it for slings and bipods. .02
Hey TomO,

Who made that stock??
I like the forend on it.

Roby MPI make one for M14 that looks like a M3A or an A3 tactical,,, dont know price. I'll try to post an address.... dont have a way to post my pic .... Ram
thanks for the advice guys. tom, your stock looks good.
these mpi's arent too bad but not exactly the same as the mcmillan tac. i suppose you end up having to pay for what you want.

do you make any other styles besides those on your page. the only one i saw was a pistol grip addition.

I'll be happy to build a "Roby" Tactical stock for you.

The stocks on my page are just some examples of my work. I can make you a Tactical stock similar to what Tom O. made. E-mail me your specifications, and I'll build one for you. See my website General Information page for terms.

My latest stock was making a synthetic duplicate of an original wood folding stock. Please see my advertisement in the PX. This envolved recontouring the entire stock and side-mounting the front sling swivel.

Take Care,

[email protected]
law: you've got email. :)
Wecome roby!
I am glad to see another TEXAN on board here ! I hope you decide to stay awhile !
Good luck with your stock ,I am sure Tony will take good care of ya' :wink:
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