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Well, I just finished the H&R stock I got from Iron Worker about a month ago, in Teak Oil. I don't have the world's best camera, so the pics aren't great. Put a slotted hand guard on it that I got from Treeline. My SAI Loaded went into the stock nice and tight, trigger group locked in tight, I'm very happy with how firm the receiver sits in this stock, as I'm all about hitting what I shoot at.

Stopped filling in the walnut pores with wet sanding so that they're almost completely filled in - but not quite. I steamed out the dents/scratches and sanded all the way down to 600 grit, but I left just enough of a hint of the old marks and just enough of the pores to keep the level of character that I wanted, in the stock.

Thanks to Doug Carlton for inspiring me on the stock (but my inability to achieve his level of results, is not his fault!), I really relied on his explanations and pictures on how to refinish the stock. And once I saw the slotted hand guard, I just had to have one. Now, all I need to finish the rifle is a NM flash hider with a bayonet lug. There are many like it, but this one is mine, and it looks/acts/shoots just like I want it to. Love this weapon.

Once I get the bayonet lug flash hider on, I'll take it out in some good sunny weather to take some good pictures (with a better camera), and include my Basset low mount and Redfield scope in some of them.

Evidently you have to click on these to see the pictures, I'm not that good on working within the confines of this forum when it comes to posting picures.



Slotted hand guard
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