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Ak Shop Pics .....

Now first of all before I begin posting these pics here I have to tell ya that my friend (who is a Class II Manufacturer) does not keep a very tidy shop but then when your knockin' out about 5-10 AKs a week ya dont really have much time to be very tidy .....

In any case this is just a very small portion of his building and whats considered "the back room" where all his builds take place ....

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Mike (the owner) is the only one in the United States that manufactures the US Made Milled Steel receiver for the AK47 dubbed the MLS-99 and turns out a super nice milled receiver made right here in the State of Missouri and his shop is just acroos the state line in Oklahoma .....

He has both the pressed and pinned versions for Chinese, Bulgarian and Romanian kits and then he has the threaded ones for Polish & Russian kits too. He builds a lot of the "Krink" versions as well.

Does all calibers: 7.62X39 ... 5.45X39 and does both the .223 and 5.56

I think sometimes he does these in his sleep ..... :wink:

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