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AK-47 Upper Hand Guard

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I am getting ready to send the wood (stock, upper and lower hand guard) and pistol grip off my AK to Whamo Camo to be camo'd, however I noticed when stripping the original finish from the wood, the upper handguard covering the gas tube is cracked. I'd like to remove it without breaking it, but can't figure out how to with each side held by the metal pieces. Do those metal pieces come off? It looks like they have been punched to the gas tube. If I get a new wood upper hand guard, how do I go about putting a new gas tube and metal end pieces back on???

Can you buy an upper handguard with the gas tube already installed from anyone?

Has anyone ever dealt with the Ironwood Designs folks who sell complete walnut stock sets?

Look forward to your replies, thanks for looking,--------Scott Lyons
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Here's a link on how to take the wood off the gas tube. As Oxmix stated, the gas tube just rolls out of the wood. What I do is grasp the handguard with my left hand, put an adjustable wrench around the flat part of the gas tube, then begin to slowly twist the tube out of the wood. Once you get it out, you'll more easily understand how it was all put together. But, it would be better if you look at the excellent pics in the link below before you attempt anything. Since your handguard is already cracked, it may not come out cleanly, meaning, it may break further upon removal.


I've seen complete sets of handguard w/tube for sale at gun shows, but don't know if any offered by on-line vendors.

I personally installed a set of Ironwood Walnut on my SA 85M. It looks great and the only fitting was very minor on the lower handguard. Ironwoods prices are a bargain for the quality you get. I highly recommend them.
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