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Aimpoint Question

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I am looking for help on a problem, I am new to the M1A, I recently purchased an M1A Soccom ll with quad/extended rail. I have not recieved it yet, I also purchased an Aimpoint CompM3 2MOA optic which I would like to mount on this weapon. I would like to be able to coregister the iron sights as back up, and I would like to know what mount or mounts would make this happen. I may also use a 3x magnifier with it, I had not decided yet. I will become profiecient with the iron sights but I already ordered the optic and cannot return it so I want to make use of it. I welcome any advice on the mounts and positioning of the optic/s.
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The only way I know of to co-witness is to install an Ultimak M8 rail in place of the hand guard and then using one of the smaller red dot style optics. I've got the M8 rail on my SOCOM 16 and the only true co-witnessing red dot I've ever used is the Aimpoint Micro T1. I know there are other optics that co-witness but I can't remember off hand which they are.
hmmm, I own a scout with a SAI faux picatinny...It has an Aimpoint 9000 4moa on it and it will never mount low enuf to co-witness. It has the lowest weavers you get at the moment...
I also own 2 other AIMPOINTS, comp ML3 and an compM4 and there is no way in heck I could get it to do that either. Not even with the low mount LaRue .....maybe if there was a no riser option...maybe..So even if it could be mounted on the faux rail it wouldnt co-witness at all. The Optics them selves are too tall. Your irons would need to be an inch taller...
..But I have been there and wound up burning the bridge and just using what works... I do remove the Aimpoint and use the irons on occasion, but I also have a second M14 set up for irons exclusively.
I believe that you have to use the Ultimak rail to even get close to co-witnessing, it's about and eighth of an inch lower than the receiver ring and it's the lowest option available for any scout style mounting process. It's actually lower than the original 4" rail that came out on the SOCOM and Scout models. The Aimpoint Micro T1 and H1 are the smallest optics I've found which helps get them as low as possible. With the T1, that I tested on my SOCOM, it was very easy to get the dot to sit right on top of the front sight post.
I bet a burris fastfire could probably manage it.
I really don't think you can get the compM3 low enough, guy. But look on the bright side, they dismount quickly and hold their zero, really well.
I would say that the only way to be able to co-witness iron sights through any red dot on the M-1a with the appropriate rails in place would be to add some folding BUIS to the rail...

My 2 cents...

The stock iron sights sit way too low to co-witness


Something like whats above... They are all over the internet on ARs. Seen a few on the M1a platform in many different set ups.

Hope this helps,

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As I said, I've actually co-witnessed with an Aimpoint Micro T1 and an Ultimak M8 rail. That is the only way that I, personally, have ever seen a true co-witnessed optic work with the original iron sights.
Thanks everyone for all the feed back, I have exhausted just about every avenue and I am finding that it is not possible unless I mod my rifle, I am not ready to do that, so I am going to settle for the Aimpoint on a detachable mount and using my existing iron sites as needed.
I just picked up an AimPoint CompML3 (2MOA) two weeks ago for my AR15. I also have a Socom II with extended rails and I threw the AimPoint on it just to see how it looked. I want an AimPoint for my Socom, but I already dumped money on a 4-12x40mm Redfield (as an alternative to seeing an eye doctor, ha. Oh...). There is no possible way to co-witness unless you replace the rail system.

After paying a ton of money for said rail system, I doubt that's what you're gonna want to do.

On the other hand, I thought about possibly drilling a hole through the base of the mount to undo the obstruction of the irons, but I'm not sure how that would work out in terms of compromising the integrity of the mount and also because I'm pretty sure drilling a hole in a LaRue mount is some kind of sin.
but I already dumped money on a 4-12x40mm Redfield (as an alternative to seeing an eye doctor, ha. Oh...).
Good luck with that Redfield. I'm sending mine to Oregon for warranty. It couldn't handle but 50 so rounds threw a 300 shortmag bolt gun. M1a rifles are pretty hard on optics also. When it comes back it's going on a 22mag.
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Don't forget that Aimpoint makes spacers of different heights. Most ARs use the higher spacer, the Micro T1 normally comes without the high spacer. In order to co-witness on the Ultimak rail (with the Micro T1) you have to use the lowest mounting system that they have. I can't remember if the one I used had any spacer at all or just their small spacer, I just remember attaching the T1 with their picatinny clamp and it took me about 10 minutes from mounting the optic to having it sighted in at 100 yards.
The Comp M3 might co-witness with the 30mm X-wide rings with the Ultimak m8 rail:


Here's a pic:

with burris low rings:

But the Socom II rail won't work...

The pictures are not mine - I found them on this link:
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