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Welcome to the buy my stuff show!

It's a lot of fun, let me explain to you how it works...
I've got stuff I no longer need, or can't fit, or I don't want it, or it reminds me of my ex-wife, or the voices in my head are telling me to get rid of it.
I sell it at a decent price, and you buy it.

In today's exciting episode we have an absolutely amazing Aimpoint Comp ML2 with the 4 MOA dot and included rubber armor cover and ARMS Comp M68 lever mount.... It has so many features, I'm pretty certain you could rule to world with it*.

I've had this mounted on my 'back-up" AR for awhile and decided to get an ACOG. It's a great optic, very fast, and the mount give you return to zero performance if you take it off and remount it. I'm just going ACOG because I'd like a little magnification.

*Maybe not the whole world... but almost definitely a substantial portion of your living room.

$435 shipped priority mail with insurance.

Below is the specs copy and pasted shamelessly from the manufacturers web-site:

The CompML2 is a specially modified version of our groundbreaking CompC sight and is designed to meet law enforcement and military needs. The CompML2 is every bit as durable as the CompM2 and can withstand the roughest physical handling and extreme temperatures as well as weather conditions. The very efficient CETechnology diode gives the user months of continuous use on a single battery. Currently in use by Special Forces and elite police units around the world, the CompML2 is primarily designed for use in daylight and in lowlight conditions. The CompML2 can also be used by hunters and sport shooters who demand the best in the field. For night vision compatibility, check out the CompM2 or CompM3.

Features for CompML2

* Designed for day use, including dusk and dawn
* CET technology allows up to 10,000 hours of operation one battery
* Submersible to 25 meters (80ft)

Standard features for all Aimpoint® sights

* Unlimited field of view
* Parallax-free with unlimited eye relief
* Unaffected by extreme weather conditions
* Rugged, – durable construction
* No hazardous materials used
* No radioactive components
* No laser emission that could be harmful to your eyes
* Mechanical switch for speed and reliability
* Increased aiming confidence
* Reduced training time and ammunition


System Parallax Free, Reflex, Collimator System
Magnification No magnification (1X)
Eye relief Unlimited, No centering required
Reticle, size Red dot, diameter 4 MOA*
Optical coating Anti Reflex coating all surfaces. Multi-layer coating for reflection of red light
Battery Type One 3 Volt Lithium battery type 2L76 or DL1/3N
Battery Life, typical** CET technology, 1.000-10.000 hours average
Switch, dot brightness 10 positions, Off and 9 daylight, of which 1 Extra Bright
Material housing Extruded high strength aluminium
Surface finish Hard anodized, matte, Graphite Gray
Material lens covers Thermoplastic Elastomer, black non-glare
Adjustment 1 click = 10 mm at 80 meters = 13 mm at 100 meters = ½
Mounting 1 ring, 30 mm or Aimpoint QR
Length 130 mm ( 5.1")
Width/height 55 mm (2.2")
Ring width Max 30 mm (1.2)
Weight 200 grams (7.1 oz)
Temperature Range -45ºC to +70ºC (-50ºF to +160ºF)
Water resistance Submersible to 25 m (80ft) water depth
*MOA (Minute Of Angle) 1 MOA = 30 mm at 100 meters = 1" at 100 yards
**Depending on power setting.
Dimensions and weights for CompML2 and CompM2 are given with Flip-Up Lens Covers

Any questions? Just ask!
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