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Aftermarket Synthetic Stocks

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I've noticed that the options for aftermarket synthetic stocks in the traditional pattern for M1A rifles has thinned out lately. There are some options out there:

SAI Polymer Stocks: These have been discussed in numerous threads and some folks like them, some don't. I don't think these are available for individual sale on Springfield's website. I don't know if you can contact them to place an order over the phone. I have not read anything about people modifying these stocks.

USGI Fiberglass: Quite a few places still sell these and quality and condition vary widely. Again, some people like them, some people don't. I've read quite a few threads where people have modified them to try to improve accuracy.

AG Composites: I have not read any threads where anyone said they did not like this stock. I've read it is lightweight, rigid and range reports have been glowing. It is an investment and, as of this writing, it is out of stock on their website.

Wolfe's Modified Fiberglass: Again, I have not read any threads where anyone said they did not like this stock. I've read it is strong, durable, and range reports have also been very favorable. I understand that to get the most out of it, bedding is needed. It is heavier than a USGI fiberglass stock and can be an investment, like the AG Composites stock, with all the options.

DeltaM14: I recently read a thread about this one and I have seen some earlier threads written a couple years ago when this company seems to have started up. The most recent thread indicated that tonyben was going to receive one for review. I am very curious how this will compare to other synthetic options.

McMillan: These seem to be the synthetic stock of choice for those competing in matches and those seeking to wring out the last quarter inch of accuracy out of their rifles. From what I have read, bedding is required, they're not light, and they are an investment as well.

I've read that hueygunner and law483 used to produce some very sought after synthetic stocks in the traditional pattern. Sadly, these are no longer produced. I read about a rigid rail modification that was performed by halfmoa that seemed to produce good results. The less said about how that ended, the better. I read that Gus Fisher used to modify some USGI fiberglass stocks by filling them with MarineTex. He stopped doing those projects when the M14 was replaced as the service rifle for competitions.

These options described above are in reference to synthetic stocks in the traditional pattern. Sage, Troy, Juggernaut, JAE, Archangel, Blackfeather, and Vltor are excellent and popular options. However, these are all pistol grip stocks (Or close to pistol grip). Not saying pistol grips are bad, just saying that these are not options for those looking for a more traditional shape.

I understand the M14/M1A is kind of a niche market. My purpose in this thread is not to knock wood or pistol grip stocks, nothing wrong with them. I can also understand why people stop making stocks, it's a lot of work, time, and commitment to turn out a quality product. I started this thread mainly to write a consolidated list of aftermarket, synthetic, traditional pattern stocks and ask the forum if I have overlooked any other options out there. It was not until I searched around that I even heard of hueygunner or law483 and it was long after they had stopped making stocks. I figure this might make it easier for anyone else out there that is also searching. Anyone heard of anything else out there?
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OP I hope that you don't mind if I ask a question re: a stock I just got. If so my apology. I bought a rifle last weekend with two stocks, one Boyd's walnut and one is a synthetic smooth no checkering almost slick feeling. Green paint I think. No selector cut out unless it's filled.
Inside magwell D 3741 G-3

I like it but don't know what / who made. Again OP sorry if this is considered a hi-Jack.
I have an Archangel stock on a loaded SS barreled rifle. It's nice but not my cup of tea either. I'm selling the rifle to my best buddy as he loves the whole set up.
I prefer the old school look.
Good luck.
Odd synthetic stock

Here is a photo of the stock I have that's an unknown. OP maybe the bump will get you some more opinions as well.
That's a USGI synthetic
Thanks JD Russell the seller (rifle and stocks) bought as USGI didn't think it was I know it's not SAI plastic.

I like it it's solid.
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