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Gentlemen. I have a m25 that likes to eat scopes! In the last 3 years is has eaten a m10x42 SS, a vx3 3.5x10 Leopold and now has finished off a 3x9 Nikon.
The Nikon and Leopold will not hold zero. The SWFA SS lost focus and cannot see out of it.
I am looking at a Vortex 4x16x44 HS LR. for $549 with free shipping. I have decided to not put over $600 into a scope. I use the rifle for hunting,and target practice. The longest shot I have on my land is 350 yards. That's the longest shot on my fields and my shooting range. I am wanting a adj. parallax and zero stop turrets and 30 mm diameter tube.
I have used the search function and read the threads on Vortex. I just want to install a scope and not have to go through this for a Fourth time. Any advice will be appreciated on this scope or any other brand that will hold up to the M14 in this price range.
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