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Several years ago purchased one of the Springfield Armory Inc. M1 Garand rifles w/ cast receiver and never could get the thing to shoot very well at all.
Not only were the groups huge, but all over the target at 100yds. Sent it back to SAI and some few weeks later it was returned and groups were somewhat improved, but never knew where they were going to go on the target. Last effort I made was buy me one of those adjustable plugs from I believe Clint Fowler at that time. No, did not help and ended up trading for a shotgun of some sort but did tell the fellow of my problems with the rifle and he wanted it for a mantle piece over his fireplace, fitting place for that rifle. Going through one of my "jewel boxes" of spare parts, miscellaneous parts, found that gas plug. Don't have any use for it and if anyone wants it let me know and will send it to you. Fairly simple device with two allen head screws, one on top of the other, and can adjust supposedly the volume of gas?? It's free for the asking if you want it drop me PM with your location and will get it off to you.
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