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Accuracy speaks scope rail

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Anyone using one of these. Seems like it may be a very stable mount. On the down side you loose your rear iron sight.


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I don't see how using the rear sight as a anchor is any more stable than using the stripper clip guide dovetail as an anchor. I'd stick to Smith Enterprise or ARMS for a scope mounting platform, which use the dovetail. That way you don't loose the use of iron sights and still have a solid scope mounting option. These mounts seem to work okay for the US military. :roll:
Hi Zog,

I would think that would be the closest thing to the type of mount that they use for the White Feather.

But you do lose your rear sight. Hmm... that is a big trade off.


Tom O.
Be nice if it was arched on the bottom for sight use like the mason mount and mounted to the stripper clip guide too. Is it steel or aluminum?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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