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Accuracy degradation: chrome vs. chrome moly

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Been looking at the Criterion 22" medium weights in chrome vs. non-chrome. As I understand, both are solid barrels. Modern chrome barrels seem to be more accurate and better machined than USGI barrels.

Much has been said about chrome vs. nonchrome, but I'm curious about how accuracy wears out over time in both.

As I understand, chrome moly is more linear degredation (sub-MOA for first 4K, 1MOA until 5K, 2 MOA until 10K etc). For chrome lining, however, is that wear still linear? Or does it maintain the same accuracy from 0 to 14999 rounds, the chrome flakes on the 15000th round, and then it goes totally downhill?
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It is not that the new chrome lined barrels are better machined, it is that the chrome plating is more uniform in thickness than the old USGI barrels.

In any barrel, the throat will wear before the bore does. As stated above, 4-5k rounds usually show a degradation in accuracy. Don't just blame the barrel, though. Your bedding may be worn as well.

You should never use a bore scope to check a barrel. If you do, you won't sleep at night and will most likely sell every barrel you have. RNGR2

The only way to tell if a barrel is accurate is by shooting it. Pitting, peeling, flaking, etc, are unsettling to the eye, but not necessarily to the bullet.
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