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Stopped by my local Academy Sports and Outdoors store today for my bi-weekly look around when I found a very good deal for 5.56 ammo. They're selling 420 rounds of M855 (green tip) on stripper clips, 3 clips per cardboard, 14 cardboards and a guide in a new .30 cal ammo box for $159.99 or $.38 a round. Headstamp is LC 11 NATO stamp so it's recent production. Checked their website, doesn't show it so it's probably in-store sales only.
Ammo box has a large white Federal sticker with the info on it (lot number, caliber, etc.) and is wire sealed so "Bubba" can't lift a few cardboards out.
BTW, store also had American Eagle 64 gr "Tactical Tracer" in 20 rd boxes.
Yes, I walked out with a can (or two, or three...). GI1
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