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My recommendation,

Remove the optics. Put up a 1" black square target at 25 yards 82 feet.

Shoot 5 shots 3 times at 3 squares. If all your groups (don't worry about hitting the square, you can adjust the sights. FOCUS on the 1" group) are 1" or smaller, you can eliminate the shooter as the problem. Start looking at the hardware. However,

If you can't put five bullets in a 1" group consistently, break out your .22, buy Fred's Guide to Becoming a Rifleman http://www.fredsm14stocks.com/catalog/acc.asp and practice until you can.

The rack grade M1A with iron sights is capable of 1 MOA groups at 25 yards cold or after a string of 20 in a row.

Don't sell the rifle just yet. Try the 1" black square test first. If you can't pass the 25 yard 1" test, no rifle you ever buy will make you a better shooter. It is like buying expensive basketball shoes expecting that the shoes will make you slam dunk the ball when you can't jump 4" off the ground.

Good luck. lb
1 - 1 of 140 Posts
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