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This past weekend I took a 2 day basic carbine course with Stony Smith. What a weekend! I used my M1a Scout for the class while everyone else was shooting an AR platform. I wanted to learn to manipulate the M1a in different positions under stress. The instructor Stony did a great job teaching. We started with several people who have never even held a carbine before and by the end of the second day these same people were shooting respectable groups from different positions and varying ranges. I credit Stony and his meticulous attention to detail, positive reinforcement, and a GREAT sense of humor for this. This is one instructor who truly cares about what his clients pick up from the course. He does not let anything slide, if you are doing something wrong or have picked up a bad habit along the way he will work with you until you are operating your weapon in a safe and efficient manner. His courses are extremely affordable and the benefit far outweighs the cost. If you are thinking of going through any type of firearms course this is the dude to go with. He was an Airborne Ranger and spent 6 years in Iraq doing PSD. If you have any questions about doing a course with him just pm me.

This is from his website
Paragon 6 provides executive protection/personal security detail training and services, combat firearms training and corporate and personal security consulting.

Anthony "Stony" Smith, the owner of Paragon 6, is a Larry Vickers Regional Endorsed Instructor for the Vickers Shooting Method.

Stony's contact info: paragon6.net Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Paragon 6
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