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Hello Everyone,

With Photobucket going completely sideways and wanting to charge for posting pics, and if you are like me and have already used up all the space in the albums on here and do not want to delete any pics. I suggest giving Imgur a try. A lot of useful pics have been lost due to Photobucket, so Imgur is a good solution to the problem.

I have been using it for a while now and have to come to really like it. It's free to sign up and has a built in editor which is pretty handy once you get the swing of things. You can get the app on your phone and upload images right from there and you can set the images to either Public or Private. I suggest private otherwise you may have people commenting on them in Imgur.

I have made up a small "How to" for using Imgur and thought others might like a quick and easy tutorial.

Step 1. Create an account on your phone or PC, it can be used simultaneously on both.

Step 2. Take some pics on your phone and up load thru the app, or add some pics off your PC, just follow the on screen instructions.

Once you have some pics, it should look something like this;

Step 3. Click on any image and to the right of the image you will see a series of available links, click "Copy" in the blue square beside "Direct Link"

Step 4. Same as before on M14Forums Click on the "Insert Image" Icon

Step 5. When the "Insert Image" box comes up, Right click in the bar and press "Paste" and then press "Ok"

Step 6. The Image should appear as such while you are constructing your post

And when you are done the Image will appear in your post.

If your image is too large you can easily edit it to a more manageable size.

Step 1. Click on the image, at the bottom of the image will be the option to "Edit Image" written in light blue, click on that.

Step 2. When the image is in the editor click on the "Advanced" button.

Step 3. A box will come up with a message saying "image is too large and will be scaled down" Just click "OK" and Imgur will scale it down for you

Step 4. When its done just click " Save" and the image will be a more manageable size and be ready to post anywhere.

And that's it, easy peasy to do, you can do a lot more editing in Imgur, like rotate the image, or draw on it or put words in etc. Hopefully this helps with all your M14Forum posting needs.

If you have already created an Album and do not want to sort thru every pic on every album, here is how to get the image from an album

Step 1. Go to any album and click on any image you like.
Step 2. Hover over the image and a bar will pop up

Step 3. Move over to the right and hover over the down arrow key.

Step 4. A drop down menu will appear, click on "Get share links"

Step 5. Another menu will appear, Click on the "Copy" button in the blue box beside where it says " BBCode (Forums) " , paste that link it into the M14Forum "Insert Image" as shown in the original steps .

And the Image will appear again as such

Hope this helps out a few people, if possible maybe make this a Sticky


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Thank you for this post. I knew there was a solution to the photo bucket debacle. I just didn't know how to get around it.

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Imgur is so easy to use, even a caveman can do it!

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