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A range day for LI members

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Anyone interested in a day at the range where we can all get together. Looking to get as many members from LI to go at the same time and drag a 14 out to shoot. If ya don't have one don't worry. Please post some dates you think would work for you. I would imagine for most it would need to be a weekend.
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Whimping-out on tomorrow....I really have to get all the tree wreckage out of the backyard and to the curb...rumor is that the clean-up trucks are coming this week
I hope so. They are waiting for it to all dry out so its lighter...;)

I went on the 18th. I was on the 200 yard line (14). Too many yahoos on the 100. I'm going to hit Suffolk County Sporting Clays for a round on Friday, and should be out at Brookhaven on the 25th. My wife has to open her stores for Black Friday, so it will be a couple of days of flying lead for me!

Gonna load up some 168s tonight. My rifles seem to like them better than the 175s...
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