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A pic posting request fom ZEITSEF

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Here's yer pic ! That's the first one I've seen with those markings. I'm Sure Bill Ricca would know what to make of it. Bill???

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Pic of my 762MM sight cover

Thanks Hawk---my friend makes THESE not sure what he charges
maybe $17 let me know if anyone wants any---go good on
308 garands Thanks ZEITSEF
Now I like ..... NO! ..... I believe the word here is LOVE ..... that! :wink:

I got me one of them .308 Garands too ..... hmmmmmm :idea:

what is the stenciling? Paint?
762MM lettering

The 762 MM is LASER engraved---NOT bad huh?

Nice laser job. Does your friend do special requests with his laser? I could think of all kinds of different stuff that could also be put there...

That receiver looks blued, is it? Please pass on to your friend, NICE work!


Tom O.
I need to get that done to my .308 Garand ... :wink:

Six Out!
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hey zeitsef:
is that like in russian zietsyev, top snayperskaya of russki varmee fame ww2
nice job on the lettering. also note this 7.62 thing was also done by the navy on garand conversions from what i read. just the same i just might order one for my .308 garand. jeff
I am in the process of getting one from ZEITSEF. as soon as it arrives, I will post a report. [I'm sure they will be as nice as expected]
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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