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Yes Ted, I have two relatives both officers who did a tour in Vietnam and neither had seen an M14 E2. When I showed them my E2 they thought the stock was aftermarket!

And yet we have one person on this forum who was in Vietnam and has seen and shot all the variations….if you can believe that! Not me…no.

First hand knowledge my arse!

I had an uncle on my mothers side who was awarded the bronze star, but I can’t ask him, he’s dead.

Now that you have apparently put both feet in you mouth again Ren, I would suggest you knock off blathering about something of which you have no knowledge whatsoever about.
The Marine Corps has an age old tradition that you would probably not understand. Ask any Marine that has been there and done that. We had a chance to train with and fire all sorts of weapons. That was where I spoke of our instructor calling the E2 a canoe paddle and we all got a good laugh from that.
Marines conduct weapon familiarization training

1 - 2 of 53 Posts