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A good load for 18 in barrel

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I have tried some different handloads mostly 168 and one 175gr handload
trying to get a good load for my M1A. My goal is to shoot "3" gun. At some
of our matchs we shoot 400 yards and further.
If you wish to share your experence and knowledge, I would be greatful.
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At the 400 meter mark
Firing an M-1A Springfield using iron sights from prone position
Wind was blowing at about 10 miles per hour
Target was a human silhouette metal fall down target


I couldn't hit it. I took about twelve shots had some close calls but missed because I have little experience with windage. That is my limited experience with long range shooting. My limited time with long range shooting has taught me that extreme range for my skill level with my equipment is about 250 meters.

Too hard to see what you are shooting at without a scope when you get near 300 meters away.
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