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Aloha Everyone....

Its been a sad week for me with my sister passing away... but she knew I loved rifles and has always encouraged me to pursue my passions.

Last week, I was cruising on the web and a fellow BR.Com/Firing Line member jingled me on a hot deal that was happening, he apparently arranged for a deal for a Polytech M14S at a GREAT price and wanted to know if I was interested.... well, since I started collecting, I have mainly been keeping with Springfield Armory M1A rifles and so far, have done good... but this deal was too good to pass by... so I went for it!!!

It has finally arrived and is in my hands! Yeah! The Poly is certainly different from any of my other rifles... I will need to take some pics to properly describe some of the things that I see... so look forward to it... it may be interesting...

But this is not the end of the story...the Poly is #9 and is there a number 10? :roll: Well, that same person (fellow member and good friend) dangled another carrot in front of my face... this time a custom built pre-ban SuperMatch for another outstanding price that he arranged... and after a couple of hours dwelling on it, I finally decided that I had to go for it as well... (uh oh, I can see the fellas in the white coats and the padded wagon coming to get me... :lol: )... Yikes, I am addicted!!!

So number "10" is on its way and I should get it next week... This has been a most confusing and emotionally charged but strange week for me...

I imagine my sister is still looking out for me... :lol: I can't believe that this is all happening... man, these deals were very good deals. But in the final analysis, I am still sad from the loss of my sister even with all of these new toys... :cry: but I am happy to have finally hit my goal of owning "10" M14/M1A rifles... :lol:

Aloha and THANKS for letting me share more of my joys and sorrows with all of you...

Tom O.

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As Always .....

Congrats sir on your recent addition to the family but I think you ought to slow down a bit so that some of us other fellas can have a crack at a few M1As before you buy them all up ... :lol:

Enjoy then pups ... :wink:

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