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Hi folks.

Just wanted to put the word out to our friends in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin that G.A.T. Guns on Rte. 25 in Dundee, IL has used Colt 20-round mags for $9.95.

They had some stacks of 'em there and it's always a good excuse to get to a well-stocked gun shop... :D

After a little cherry-picking, I bought five of 'em, and while they look well-worn, they have their finish relatively intact. After detail-strippin' and lightly oiling 'em to take off some of the grunge, they look pretty darned good.

They'll be used to feed my soon-to-purchase DCM gun that I will have White Oak Precision build me once my bonus check comes in next month. [-o<

Anyway, just thought I'd put the word out...

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