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I have a brand new in original box Remington 870 Police Magnum 12ga pump shotgun. This is not the model you find in stores for sale. These are a little more difficult to come by. This one was produced around 2001-2002.

The Police Magnum is a higher grade version of the typical express magnum. This model uses all forged parts and also has the full metal trigger guard, not plastic. These also do not have the j-lock internal trigger lock. The gun is fully parkerized (this is real parkerizing, not the black oxide finish used on the cheaper 870 models).

This particular model features a 20" barrel, not the 18" barrel, and has a smooth bore with rifle sights. This is the wood stock model so the buttstock and foregrip are 100% real walnut hardwood and have a beautiful grain. Because the barrel is 20" this has a 3 shot extension and will hold a total of 8+1 shells.

Basically these are custom shop 870's and function smoother, more reliable, and are built to a true military spec.

$700 shipped to the FFL of your choice via USPS Priority Mail or UPS depending on requirements.


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